Spring Flowers

Spring is starting to arrive. The fruit trees have flowered and the decorative flowers ate starting now.


An iris starting to bloom.


The succulents



ACL Issues

Barkley was diagnosed a partially torn left ACL. He was on crate rest and a ligament/joint supplement and being monitored. We went out to potty and he heard a noise. He took of running, gave out a yelp and was holding his right leg up. I had a feeling he blew out his right ACL. Off to the vet and it was confirmed his right ACL was blown and his left one was pretty much gone as well. He needs surgery on both legs.

Last night I dropped Barkley off at the vet for surgery. They are working on the right one first, because it is the worse one. I called the vet this morning. Barkley is “perky” and will have surgery today. I’m anxiously awaited the post surgery call. He will be there until Sunday night or Monday morning. After the surgery they want to treat it with a therapy laser.

It’s a long recovery. I’ve heard up to 6 months, but he needs to be able to walk.

IPO 11/17/2013

Kaleb had kennel cough and missed three weeks of IPO club or dog club. We were finally able to go yesterday. It was a nice sunny day not to hot or cold. Kaleb did a lot better then last time. We have been practicing with his flirt pole a lot. He grabbed the flirt pole toy and held it. YES!! “Good Bite!” Lat time he would catch it and immediately let it go.  They want him to bark while he is doing this though. Like before he catches it. We will be working on that.  When his litter mate/sister was playing he was barking. I think he will do it on his own in time.

He also got to play with the bite pillow. He caught it a couple of times. Then it was swung around him and held right in front of him to bite. The first two or three times he just looked at it. After that he had the idea and bit it twice. The last time they let him carry it off as his reward. Then training was over.

He did really well. I’m so glad he is better and we can start going to dog club again.

Kennel Cough

Kaleb kept getting worse yesterday. He refused his lunch. Then he was refusing water and ice cubes. He loves ice cubes. His nose was dry and warm and his breathing looked labored. I took him to the emergency vet.

I was hesitant to, because I hear and read so many negative things about emergency vets, but I’m very happy I went. The vet loves German Shepherds. He grew up with them, and has two of his own. It’s so much better when a vet is familiar with the breed. He also said he knows the breeder and has treated some of their dogs.

Kaleb has kennel cough. He was vaccinated for it, but apparently, much like the flu shots, there are different stains. He received two shots at the emergency vet and we have two meds to give him. He is already doing so much better. Two hours after coming home last night he wanted dinner and was drinking water again. Today he had breakfast and is back to his puppy energy. Although we are trying to keep him quiet, because he is not all better yet.

After the bad experiences we had with Riley it is such a relief to have a positive experience with a vet. Everyone there was so nice and it didn’t cost anymore than my normal vet would charge. The huge positive is Kaleb is getting better. :)

Can’t Catch A Break

In the last few months we have lived at the vet. In trying to save Riley we had very high vet bills in August. We lost him.Worst days of my life. I’m still very much grieving over his loss.

Last week Kaleb had issues with bloody diarrhea. More vet bills. He is better now.  Then Barkley and Cloey started coughing and snorting. I thought it may be kennel cough, but no they are fine. However during our visit they noticed the licked paws, so they are on an antihistamine  to help with itchy paws.

Barkley has been having issues with his left hind leg. Not really bearing weight on it, but he will run like the wind when he wants to. Which is anytime he hears someone walking by or the fire engine passes. Anyway, after xrays he was diagnosed with a partially  torn ACL. They don’t feel he needs surgery at this point, but he is on crate rest, pain meds and some  chinese herb to try and help.

I think we have dealt with enough health issues. We really need to catch a break soon.

*update* and now Kaleb is making the snorting noise and has snot coming out of his nose. The vet is closed today. If it’s what Barkley and Cloey had he should be better by tomorrow. I hope. If not, back to the vet. :(

Day 2 of Dog Club

What happens at dog club stays at dog club. j/k

Today was our second time at dog club which trains IPO or schutzhund. I love seeing all the dogs there and everyone is so nice. One of Kaleb’s female litter mates was there. They had so much fun playing together. Kaleb’s Father was there and his half brother. So many gorgeous dogs.

Kaleb is only almost 5 months old so he does not do the bite work yet. The puppies get to play with toys/flirt poles to test their drive. Kaleb did ok, but the two females were better. Kaleb needs to go after the toy with more ambition and when he gets it he should be holding on to it longer. We’ll work on it. It’s probably my fault for discouraging biting around the house.

When the older dogs are practicing their bite work Kaleb is totally focused on them. It is so cute!!

This week we will be working with the flirt pole to see if we can get him to improve. The trainer did say he may not want to bite and hold right now because he is teething. I hope that’s it.

Two Years Have Passed

It’s been over 2 years since I used my blog. I guess life just got in the way. I found the password and got it updated, so hopefully I will keep it updated.

The biggest things that happened the last year were:

  1. We got our first GSD in January and then had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep due to he had a genetic disease that he just could not overcome. It was the hardest decision I have ever made. I stayed with him the entire time and I’m still grieving over his loss. I don’t think I will ever stop missing him. That was my Riley. He was only 9 months old. Almost 10 months.
  2. I was not handling his loss well so we got another GSD puppy in September. A bit soon, but he has helped me move forward. He is now 4 months old. Almost 5 months. His name is  Kaleb. We made sure to go to a reputable breeder for him.
  3. The last thing is after 8 years at my job they are closing our site and laid everyone off. We had probably close to 1000 employees if not more. So, I have 4 more work days left. I have been looking for work, been to job fairs and submitted resumes and applications.

Today I’m relaxing, playing with the dogs and watching the world series. I kind of want the cardinals to win. :)


Last Sunday we went sailing. It was nice and relaxing. We had wind and got up to a good speed. My first time sailing without motoring the whole time. The weather was very cool on the water. I loved it. It’s been very hot where I live and the change was welcome.

Simple Things I Love

I love this crow. He always sits on top of this dead tree.


Ceiling fans when it’s hot.


Puppy feet.


Striped towels


New sod/grass


We Have Sod

After more than a year since this project has started we have grass in the backyard again. Robert did all the work himself. He removed a bunch of dirt, leveled it out, tilled it, put sprinklers in and then laid the sod. It looks so great! He did a wonderful job.